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AR Fiberglass Roving

AR Fiberglass Roving is a glass fiber reinforced material with excellent mechanical properties such as high strength, durability and stiffness. It is made of E-glass fiber treated with a special sizing agent to improve adhesion to resins and coatings. AR fiberglass rovings also offer good chemical resistance, electrical insulation and heat resistance.


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    Product Details

    Product name

    AR Fiberglass Roving






    AR fiberglass rovings are widely used in the manufacture of composite products such as boats, auto parts, pipes, wind turbine blades and aircraft components. It is also used in the construction industry to reinforce concrete structures, and in the electrical and electronics industry for insulation purposes. AR fiberglass rovings can be used in a variety of applications requiring high strength, durability and weather resistance.


    1. Alkali resistant fiberglass
    2. Safe easy handling
    3. Excellent mechanical performance
    4. Easy blending into the GRC matrix
    5. Easy spraying & chopping
    6. Perfect for incorporation into complicated composite profiles and details


    AR Fiberglass Roving has several advantages compared to other types of fiberglass reinforcement. It provides excellent dimensional stability and can withstand high temperatures without losing its mechanical properties. It is also resistant to moisture and UV radiation, making it a suitable material for outdoor applications. Additionally, it is easy to work with and can be cut, shaped, or molded into various forms to suit different products.

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    Technical Data

    Type of glass

    Alkali Resistant(AR)

    Zirconia(zrO2) content


    Filament diameter um


    Strand tex


    Roving tex


    Specific gravity

    2.7 g/m3

    Elastic modulus

    80.4 Gpa

    Tensile strength

    1.7 GN/m2

    Moisture Content


    Sizing Content


    Breaking strength

    ≥0.30 N/tex

    Softening temperature




    Fire resistance / material

    incombustible inorganic material


    • 653b24b4fq

      Time: June 2020
      Location: Guangdong, China
      Project: 2,000 mu new villa community building
      Overview: After the product is mixed with concrete, it is sprayed into the mold to form a mold quickly. It greatly reduces the links of building construction, improves the efficiency of the overall project, and shortens the construction time. At the same time, due to the intervention of composite materials, the construction cost of the main body of the project is greatly reduced in the later stage.

    • 653b24b1ij

      Time: August 2021
      Location: Nanjing, China
      Project: Reinforcement and restoration of a modern building group
      Overview: After the product is mixed with concrete, it is sprayed onto the walls and gaps of buildings for reinforcement. While greatly shortening the construction time, it effectively strengthens the main structure of the cultural relics protection building.

    • 653b24cufw

      AR-Glass has been used in concrete for decades and results in a lighter weight product since the reinforcement the fiberglass provides allows for a thinner concrete that doesn't require steel reinforcement.

      Countertops made from GFRC make use of AR-Glass fiberglass. However, it is not the only interior design element that uses this specific type of glass fiber. Other decorative applications also make use of this fiberglass type. One example is fireplace surrounds.

    Packaging & Storage

    18±1kg/roll, individually shrunk film packaging (with weight tag); Each fumigated pallet has 3 or 4 levels with 16 rolls/ level, 48 rolls/small pallet, 64rolls/big pallet. It loads 20 pallets (Small & big pallet stacked in 2 layers) per 20 feet container, with a net weight 20tons.

    Note: AR Glassfibre roving pallet shall be stored dry in original packaging and advisable to stack in one layer, at a temperature between 15℃- 35℃ & relative humidity between 35%- 65%. If stored below 15℃, it is advisable to hold in workshop for 24 hours to prevent condensation before use.