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Application of Composite Materials in Aerospace,Shipbuilding and Automotive Field

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F-35zkf Shipbuilding
7 Jan 2019
In the aerospace field, carbon fiber composite materials are used to replace steel or aluminum, and the weight reduction efficiency can reach 20%-40%, so it is widely favored in the aerospace field. Aircraft structural materials account for about 30% of the total take-off weight, and reducing the weight of structural materials can bring many benefits. For military aircraft, weight reduction saves fuel while expanding the combat radius, improving battlefield survive ability and combat effectiveness; for passenger aircraft, weight reduction saves fuel, improves range and payload capacity, and has significant economic benefits.


High-strength glass fiber has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elastic modulus, good impact resistance, good chemical stability, good fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. It can be used for deep-water mine shells, bulletproof armor, lifeboats, high-pressure vessels and propellers, etc.
Carbon fiber composites can also be used in other aspects of the ship. For example, it can be used as propeller and propulsion shafting in the propulsion system to reduce the vibration effect and noise of the hull, and it is mostly used in reconnaissance ships and fast cruise ships. It can be used as a rudder in machinery and equipment, some special mechanical devices and piping systems, etc. In addition, high-strength carbon fiber ropes are also widely used in the cables of naval warships and other military items.

3.Car manufacturer

Fiberglass and carbon fiber are two important materials in the automotive manufacturing industry with unique properties and applications. These products meet a wide range of automotive needs and help improve vehicle performance, safety and efficiency. In the automotive sector, fiberglass is utilized for various purposes, including the manufacturing of body parts, such as hoods, fenders, and spoilers.

Cat-Convertible-Yachtxfb Shipbuilding
7 Jan 2019

Overall, fiberglass and carbon fibers complement each other in these industries, with glass fibers providing robust, cost-effective solutions and carbon fibers offering high-performance, lightweight alternatives that are critical for innovation and efficiency.

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