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According to the research and forecast of relevant departments in the transportation field: In the future, in order to improve people's commuting efficiency and experience, the use of composite materials (glass fiber and carbon fiber) in transportation vehicles should have the following characteristics:

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7 Jan 2019
1. Wide application of efficient and clean energy
Fossil energy will be replaced by efficient and clean new energy. New energy sources such as electric energy, hydrogen energy, and solar energy have become mainstream power sources due to their high efficiency, pollution-free, and low-cost characteristics. Instead of highly polluting and non-renewable fossil energy, human beings will move towards a cleaner era.

2. High speed, safety and energy saving
The design of the means of transportation will develop towards higher speed, safety and energy saving. Due to people's urgent need for shorter commuting time, the speed of transportation will be greatly increased, and daily transportation exceeding 200 kilometers per hour will become a common phenomenon. While achieving high-speed commuting, everyone will pay more attention to safety during driving, which requires matching stronger and more durable new materials. In addition, automobiles will continue to develop in terms of energy saving and lightweight.

3. Smart car
With the improvement of information technology and the demand for human-computer interaction, transportation will become more and more intelligent. As a result, the driving experience is further improved. Core technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything will be widely used in the research and development of transportation tools.

4. Improve driving experience
At that time, people will not pay attention to the function of transportation. There will be higher demands on the interior and exterior decoration of vehicles. The application of ergonomics and aerodynamics will become more common, which puts forward new requirements for materials.

5. Modular design
The maintenance and replacement of vehicles will be easier.

According to the research and prediction of relevant departments in the transportation field: in the future, in order to improve people's commuting efficiency and experience, transportation vehicles should have the following characteristics in the use of materials:

Application advantages of carbon fiber in the field of transportation
When it comes to carbon fiber, I believe everyone is familiar with this term, because this composite material has been widely used in life, especially some high-end products. Next, we want to demonstrate the application of carbon fiber materials to automobiles. At present, lightweight has become the mainstream direction of automobile development. Carbon fiber can not only reduce the weight of the body to the greatest extent, improve the stability of the body structure, but also improve the driving experience of users. A lot of research has been done on carbon fiber auto parts Norn composite materials. Below I will list some aspects of carbon fiber materials that can be used in cars.

1. Brake disc: Brake disc is an important part of auto parts. It is closely related to our safety. Therefore, for our safety, even if the performance of the car is poor or there are many problems, the braking system must be able to work stably. Most of the brake discs used in cars now are metal brake discs. Although the braking effect is not bad, it is still much worse than carbon ceramic brake discs. Although carbon ceramic brake discs have been around for a long time, not many people really understand it. This technology was first applied to airplanes in the 1970s, and it began to be used in racing cars in the 1980s. The first civilian car to use carbon ceramic brakes was the Porsche 996 GT2. It is said that a racing car using this braking technology can turn the car from a speeding state of 200 kilometers per hour to a stationary state in only three seconds, which shows its powerful performance. However, because the performance of this technology is too powerful, it is generally not seen in civilian vehicles, but it is used a lot in sports cars above the million-level class. The so-called carbon fiber brake disc is a kind of friction material made of carbon fiber as a reinforcing material. It makes full use of the physical properties of carbon fiber, which has high strength, low density, high temperature resistance, fast heat conduction, high modulus, friction resistance, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. Features; especially the carbon fiber fabric composite friction material, its dynamic friction coefficient is much larger than the static friction coefficient, so it has become the best performance among various types of friction materials. In addition, this kind of carbon fiber brake disc and pad does not have rust, its corrosion resistance is very good, and its average service life can reach more than 80,000 to 120,000 km. Compared with common brake discs, in addition to the high cost, almost all is an advantage. With the continuous development of carbon fiber technology in the future, the price drop can be expected.

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2. Carbon fiber wheels
(1) Lighter: Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fibers with a carbon content of more than 95%. The weight is lighter than metal aluminum, but the strength is higher than that of steel, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus. It is an important material with excellent mechanical properties in national defense, military and civilian applications. The carbon fiber hub adopts a two-piece design, the rim is made of carbon fiber material, and the spokes are forged lightweight alloy with forged rivets, which is about 40% lighter than the general wheel hub of the same size.
(2) Higher strength: The density of carbon fiber is 1/2 that of aluminum alloy, but its strength is 8 times that of aluminum alloy. It is known as the king of black gold materials. Carbon fiber technology can not only reduce the weight of the body, but also strengthen the strength of the body. The weight of a car made of carbon fiber is only 20% to 30% of that of an ordinary steel car, but its hardness is more than 10 times.
(3) More energy-saving: According to the research of relevant experts, the effectiveness of reducing the unsprung mass by 1kg by using carbon fiber hubs can be equivalent to reducing the sprung mass by 10kg. And every 10% reduction in vehicle weight can reduce fuel consumption by 6% to 8%, and reduce emissions by 5% to 6%. Under the same fuel consumption, a car can drive 50 kilometers per hour, which helps to improve Acceleration and braking performance of the vehicle.
(4) More durable performance: The constituent elements of carbon fiber composite materials are stable, and their acid resistance and corrosion resistance exceed those of metals. It also means that designers do not need to consider the performance degradation caused by corrosion during product use, which also provides more possibilities for vehicle weight reduction and performance improvement.
(5) Better overriding: carbon fiber wheels have a good shock absorption effect, and have the characteristics of stronger handling and higher comfort. After the car is replaced with lightweight carbon fiber wheels, due to the reduction of the unsprung mass, the car's suspension response speed has been significantly improved, and the acceleration is faster and easier.

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3. Carbon fiber hood: The hood is not only used to beautify the car, it can protect the car engine and absorb kinetic energy to protect passengers in the event of an accident, so the performance of the hood is very important to the safety of the car. The traditional engine cover mostly uses metal materials such as aluminum alloy or steel plate. Such materials have the disadvantages of being too heavy and easy to corrode. However, the excellent performance of carbon fiber materials has great advantages over metal materials. Compared with the metal hood, the hood made of carbon fiber composite material has obvious weight advantages, which can reduce the weight by about 30%, which can make the car more flexible and lower fuel consumption. In terms of safety, the strength of carbon fiber composites is better than that of metals, and the tensile strength of fibers can reach 3000MPa, which can better protect cars. In addition, the carbon fiber material is acid and alkali resistant, salt spray resistant, and has strong environmental adaptability and will not rust. The texture of carbon fiber products is beautiful and elegant, and it is very textured after polishing. The material has strong plasticity and can meet the needs of personalized customization, and is favored by modification enthusiasts.

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4.Carbon fiber transmission shaft: Traditional transmission shafts are mostly made of alloys with light weight and good torsion resistance. During use, lubricating oil needs to be injected regularly for maintenance, and the characteristics of metal materials make traditional transmission shafts easy to wear and cause noise. and loss of engine energy. As a new generation of reinforcing fibers, carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength, high specific modulus and light weight. Using carbon fiber to make automobile drive shafts is not only stronger than traditional metal alloys, but also can achieve lightweight automobiles.

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5. Carbon fiber intake manifold: The carbon fiber intake system can isolate the heat of the engine compartment, which can reduce the intake air temperature. The lower intake air temperature can increase the power output of the engine. The intake air temperature of the vehicle engine is very important. If the air temperature is too high, the oxygen content in the air will drop, which will affect the work and power output of the engine. Modification of carbon fiber air intake system is a very effective method, and materials such as carbon fiber are quite insulated. Retrofitting the intake pipe to carbon fiber can insulate the heat of the engine compartment, which can prevent the intake air temperature from being too high.

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6. Carbon fiber body: The advantage of carbon fiber body is that its rigidity is quite large, the texture is hard and not easy to deform, and the weight of carbon fiber body is quite small, which can further reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Compared with traditional metal, the carbon fiber body has the characteristics of light weight, which can reduce the braking distance of the body.

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